Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Ten Posts of 2012

As we near the end of 2012 I wanted to take some time and thank all of you who regularly visit and read my blog. I started The Way of NOODM back in November 2011 with the hopes of reaching out to others and sharing the information that has changed my life and my health. 

It’s been interesting to say the least and each week my blog calls out my name. I am constantly thinking about what will help others who choose to embark upon this low fat vegan journey. 

That’s still my focus as we enter into 2013. So I have a favor to ask of you: 

 Please let me know what topics you would like to see me post about this coming year.

What topics would be helpful for you? 

Did you find one of my posts particularly helpful? If so, let me know which was your favorite. 

With all that said, I am listing the top 10 posts of 2012 (based on the number of pageviews) below with the links. I hope you will enjoy reviewing them. 

10. Whole Foods Market 28 Day Challenge! 28-day-challenge
9.  My Doctor Appointment Dr. Appt
8.  The Vegan Vs. The Vegetarian vegan-vs-vegetarian
7.  Your Own Healthcare own-healthcare
6.  The Three Amigos: Fat, Sugar, Sodium  three-amigos
5.  The Evil Excitotoxin  evil-excitotoxin
4.  Hungry For Change Online Movie hungry-for-change
 3.  No Oil Salad Dressings no-oil-dressings
2.  Dr. Esselstyn At VegFest  dr-esselstyn

And the number one post of the year:

1.  Intelligent Choice - GMO Foods  intelligent-choice

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