Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today I had the opportunity to listen to one of the supreme authorities in the effects of plant-based nutrition on heart disease - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.   I actually got to shake his hand! He was part of a great line up of speakers at this years VegFest in Portland, Oregon. 

You see it is because of Dr. Esselstyn that my blog has it’s strange name: The Way of NOODM (No Oil, Dairy, Meat). His book PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE literally changed my life. It has given me the motivation and information to wipe out coronary artery disease in my own life. I can’t say enough how I admire this man and his wealth of knowledge and research. 

It has been a desire of mine for the last year to go and take part in the program he offers through the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. I feel that more information is better and helps to keep me motivated. It is a goal of mine within the next couple of years to attend his program and receive one-on-one advice. 

Today I learned a couple of things from his hour long talk and came away with more information of which I will have to do some more research. But one thing for sure I am going to start eating green leafy vegetables (i.e., kale, arugala, chard, collard greens, etc.) six times a day. Yes 6 times a day!!!

Turns out these powerhouse vegetables have the ability to keep your blood cells from becoming sticky, help to diolate the artery cells, help prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol, help prevent plaque blockages in the arteries, and they help destroy foam cells. Wow! 

So one of the things Dr. Esselstyn insists of the participants in his program is to eat a “substantial” amount of these green powerhouse vegetables 6 times a day. So simple and easy!  I can do that starting tomorrow!

I love it when things are spelled out for me in simple terms. That’s another reason I love this man. He makes something so misunderstood by conventional medicine easy to understand and gain mastery over. 

Thank you Dr. Esselstyn for all your hard work and diligence!

Below is a video that's a bit long, but well worth the time. Check it out.

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