Saturday, September 8, 2012


As many of you know, my interest is in reversing heart disease by following a low-fat plant-based vegan diet. I have a strong interest in this because of my own personal health issues and the health issues that have affected my family. 

The main reason I started blogging was to potentially reach out and help others with the information that I have. I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor, but I am a concerned individual who has had heart surgery and knows first hand about heart disease.  

So with all that said, I am extending a helping hand (on an individual basis) to people who are interested in reversing their diseases by following a plant-based diet. I am conducting a case study and will be compiling all the data and following their progress for 3-6 months. 

This will be a very one-on-one and highly individualized study. So far I have two people who have agreed to stick it out and follow the plan. Neither of them are vegan. We will be working on eliminating all animal protein from their diets. The program will include help with grocery shopping, meal planning, advise and strategies for success, monitoring of blood cholesterol and weight. They are basically getting a personalized tutor on the vegan lifestyle. 

I am excited about this next step because I am so passionate about what I have learned. I have always wanted to help others and see them regain their health.  By conducting this type of Case Study I am hoping others will be interested and want to participate. 

Both of the individuals I will be assisting have considerable health issues. Both are female; one is age 26 and the other is age 57. Both are obese and want to lose weight. Of the two, the 26 year old has symptoms of depression and fatigue. Cancer runs in her family and she has already experienced some of the same symptoms her aunt displayed who just recently passed away with cervical cancer. The 57 year old has heart problems, elevated cholesterol levels, suffers from migrane headaches and is a smoker. 

Each of them will have their own challenges staying on the program, but we will deal with each challenge together. I am pleased to help and looking forward to seeing their health improve. This is the type of stuff I am passionate about! 

In the next few months you may see examples from my Case Study on my blog. I’m sure it will be relevant and timely. Please contact me if you know of other individuals who would benefit from this type of personalized guidance. 

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