Sunday, June 17, 2012


“Optimal health should be about eliminating quick fixes and identifying the sources of your ailments. Only in this manner can you truly hope to rid yourself of illness. The difficulty is time and the challenge is taking the time. What appeared over years will not disappear in one night.”
-- Pulde MD, Alona and Lederman MD, Matthew --
Part of my journey to NOODM has been to identify the “sources of my ailments.”  I didn’t just arrive at this knowledge overnight, it was definitely a process. As I’ve explained in earlier posts, I had a heart attack in 2005 which resulted in heart surgery and a stent placed in the artery that was 90% occluded (blocked). Then a year later after following the Mediterranean Diet I had to have another a stent placed in an artery which was occluded 75%. From there it was a slow journey from eating a vegetarian diet to becoming a vegan. 
Even though I eat a plant-based vegan diet with no added oils, it has been a learning process for me on which foods I can & cannot keep in my diet. Certain foods that are higher in fat I avoid because they affect my cholesterol levels. Because as we all should know by now...fat is fat.
“...oil is oil, no matter what food it is extracted from (a soybean, an olive, a flax seed, or a coconut), and ALL oil is bad for you...oil, no matter where it comes from, is NEVER a health food.”
-- Pulde MD, Alona and Lederman MD, Matthew --
For me oils and fats are a source of ailment and promotes my coronary atery  disease.  
I often hear from people around me, who are always observing what I eat, that they are amazed at my nutritional stamina. I never give in to the office cupcakes, cakes, pizza, etc. I just stay true to my diet and myself. This too was a process to get where I am today. For me it is more important to have no regrets. I want to know that I have done everything within my control to have a long healthy, abundant life. Diet & exercise are two things I have in my control and they work hand-in-hand to reward me with health. 
“The new health paradigm we are proposing requires a suspension of life as you know it today. By that we mean replacing the life that is not rewarding you with the health and happiness you desire and deserve.
If you are questioning the value of taking this challenge, remember that this is an investment for yourself and your family. After all, don’t you want to be around (not only surviving but thriving) for the next 30, 40, or 50 + years? Wouldn’t it be great to be free of heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, and diabetes? How about achieving your trim weight without diets, restrictions, and deprivation? Or, being free of the constraints (money, time, and side effects) of medications? What about being able to make everyday your best, your healthiest, your most energetic, and your happiest?
-- Pulde MD, Alona and Lederman MD, Matthew --
Well, I have to say the above statement is 100% how I feel. After looking at my family history and my own health issues I am determined to thrive the next 30, 40 or maybe even 50 years. I am glad to give up the life that rewarded me with disease and trade it in for one of health. For me health tastes much better than a stupid piece of cake or a slice of pizza. It has been a long journey to replace that life and I never want to go back. 
What changes have you made and what results have you seen in your own journey? Let me know.  
All quotes are from the book “KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP IT WHOLE” by Pulde MD, Alona and Lederman MD, Matthew 

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