Sunday, June 24, 2012


Most people concern themselves with making their stomach smaller. They diet feverishly attempting to eat smaller portions of food thinking that starving themselves will help them lose weight and get rid of their belly. They work hard at the gym to burn off the calories they have consumed. I see a lot of people there who do massive amounts of crunches to “shrink” their stomach. This is all with the hopes that they weill miraculously lose their unsightly belly/stomach. 
Well they have it wrong. In order to shrink your stomach you need to expand your stomach stretch. I know, you think I’m crazy, but it’s true! 
What I’m talking about is expanding your stomach’s stretch receptors. Inside your stomach wall are complex stretch receptors that once expanded send signals to your brain to stop eating. So in order to have a smaller mid-section you should utilize these built-in stretch receptors by eating a diet high in fiber and low in fat. It seems ironic but it’s true. 
Fiber, or indigestible carbohydrate, helps your body in many ways including keeping you full and satiated. You see, the fiber in your belly stays intact and can’t be broken down. As your stomach wall expands to accommodate the meal you are eating (because of the large volume of fiber) you actually end up eating less calories. Your brain receives signals from your stomach stretch receptors that you are full. 
And the good news is that fiber has no calories--at least none your body is capable of absorbing. For that reason, you can eat much more high fiber foods and consume fewer calories. The result--weight loss and a smaller stomach! 

Animal products, dairy, and processed foods are high in fat and void of fiber. In order to utilize the stretch receptors hard wired into your stomach you must eat a diet high in fiber. Yes, exercising does help one lose weight. But the long-term solution begins with the food that put into your mouth. Make every bite count! Eat a low fat whole foods plant-based diet and get your stretch on!

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