Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Well it’s Mother’s Day and I have to say it has been a nice one. First, I was able to Skype with my son and his family, which made me very happy. Second, I was able to cook (undisturbed) and try new recipes. Third, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today. 
To avoid a lot of crowds I was treated for a pre-Mother’s Day dinner at a popular vegan/raw food restaurant last night. The food was truly an artwork to behold and very tasty as well. Since it was my first time eating at this popular restaurant I chose the the Live Sampler plate. Everything was raw on the plate which included raw falafel, raw pizza and a wonderful kale-wakame salad. For dessert I had the orange-creamscicle soft serve which was made from soy milk and sweetened with agave. Yum!  My choice of beverage was the Apple Lemon Ginger Kale juice. Everything was wonderful. 
When I think of Mother’s day I think of all the hard work we mother’s put in trying to provide the best for our families and loved ones. We clean, cook, plan, and buy the things that our families need. We do this because of the love we have inside our hearts--and sometimes we do all this even when we don’t want to. That’s who we are--and part of our instinct. 
It’s nice when the people we love are appreciative of our hard work, but we would do it regardless because we know what needs to be done.
If I could have anything in the world I would choose a house with a great big kitchen and all the wonderful up-to-date gadgets to make my cooking easier. I would love to have all the wonderful fresh organic produce in the area available and then I would go crazy trying new recipes. That’s my fantasy. 
To me preparing food that I know is healthy and nutritious is an act of love. I want my family to eat good tasting and nutritious food that will benefit their health and well being. I want nothing but the best for them (and myself). 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s, mother’s-to-be, and mother’s at heart!

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