Monday, April 30, 2012

My Doctor Appointment

This might be a little strange but I wanted to talk about my cardiologist visit today. First, let me say that I feel blessed to have such a wonderful doctor. To prepare for the visit, I fasted 12 hours so they could draw blood and check my cholesterol levels. When I first got there the medical assistant had me step on the scale and I could see that my weight had come down even lower than I expected. Yay!! Next she took my blood pressure. It was great! You see, I have worked very hard to get all my numbers down (cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, etc.) because of my history of heart disease.  
Prior to the visit I decided I was going to ask my doctor to lower my medications (and eventually discontinue them). So she came in to check me she asked if I had any questions. That’s when I posed the question. She was in complete agreement that I could cut one of them in half and when my blood work came back we would probably cut the other one in half as well. That made me very happy. 
To my surprise she asked me, “Have you read The China Study?” Yes! I told her that I have read it and am 100% vegan now. She told me that she too had switched over and has been vegan for about 6 months. I was so excited to know that my cardiologist is on the same path as me and believes in what I’m doing. We had a very nice discussion about the changes we have both noticed since we now eat a plant-based vegan diet. I was elated!  If you haven't read The China Study you must! It is a wealth of information and I feel anyone who wants to improve their health should read it. 
At the end of the visit she gave me a very big hug and said, “You are going to live a very long healthy life!”  How sweet and uplifting!  This is the kind of doctor that motivates me to continue and improve. 


  1. What a great experience Annette! I wish my doc became a Vegan too . . .

    1. Thank you Wendy! I was so frickin' happy :-)

  2. Hi Annette.
    I'm a fairly new reader (by way of Healthy Girls Kitchen) but wanted to share that this post makes me so happy! What a great cardiologist you have! My doctor and I have discussed The China Study, and she told me she owned it but hasn't read it. In the meantime she's big on multivitamins and dairy as sources of calcium. I'm hoping I can convince her that I don't need either on my next visit!