Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Word About Casein

"Our work showed that casein is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered." 
T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, author of The China Study
Many are the well-meaning mothers who feed their children yogurt, cheese and milk products thinking they are doing the right thing. After all haven’t we been told our whole life that milk is good for us? Little do these mothers realize that they are feeding their children one of the most powerful cancer promoting agents ever discovered according to the "China Study."
What most amazes me is how the American Cancer Society and the Federal Food & Drug Administration continue to preach the “benefits” of these foods and close their eyes to the research at hand. In fact, if you think about it the US government supports programs like WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) and the main food items they push is milk and cheese. 
Every morning as I ride my commuter train to work there is a little family (mother, father, and young boy) and the mother is diligently feeding her little one breakfast which consists of a cup of yogurt and some fresh fruit. I think about this as I watch her feed her son. That’s what I mean about well-meaning mothers. Little does she realize that what she is feeding her son has been found to promote cancer.
But now for some of the technical issues regarding casein...

"...Casein, that sacred protein of cow's milk, dramatically promotes liver cancer..."

Casein is the protein part of milk. Milk contains at least 85% casein. So if you take away all the fat, sugar, and water that is in milk you would be left with milk protein or casein.  This little ubiquous protein is touted as healthy and it's consumption is encouraged by the FDA, doctors, weightlifters, etc.

Cancer grows in 3 stages:
1.  Initiation - is when the "seeds" are planted for cancer to grow
2.  Promotion - is when the cancer actually begins to grow
3.  Progression - is when the cancer is completely out of control 


The other day I was at the gym and was curious about the protein drinks they had for sell in the refrigerator. There was one drink with very misleading labeling. On the front was printed the words "Contains no milk", however, the 2nd ingredient listed on the back was "milk protein."  Interesting. This popular protein drink contains one of the most powerful cancer promoting ingredients science has ever discovered--casein.  And yet, the general public considers its consumption as healthy. 

I am just now beginning my research about casein and will update this posting as I discover more information. For now, just know that avoiding all milk products is important because of the link to promotion of cancer. I can't stress how important it is to read the ingredient labels of the foods you buy. You will be surprised to see casein and other cancer promoting ingredients in a variety of prepared foods. 


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