Sunday, December 16, 2012


I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent shootings across our nation and trying to put things into perspective. First, the one closest to home at Clackamas Towne Center here in Portland. Second, the horrific shooting at the Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Every year at Christmas time we hear about “Peace on Earth” and if we are from a Christian background we give glory to God for the birth of Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace. Even those who are not religious may celebrate Christmas with the idea of Santa who also promotes peace, honesty and generosity. Yet in the midst the idea of peace on earth the world continues to show extreme brutality and violence. No one can hide from the unnerving fact that complete or total peace has yet to be achieved here on this planet. 

This past week on Facebook, there were many posts regarding these shootings and some even criticized how we overlook other parts of the world where bad things are happening. I think this is human nature and it’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we are so far removed. No one person or group of people can address all the atrocities the world offers at the same time!  And so we cry for the ones closest to home and pray for those who’s families have been torn apart this Christmas season.

One of the posts I read this week said “The problem in our world is that we thrive on peace-taking and not peace-making. We will make our own peace even if we have to steal peace from someone else.” - by Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis - 
I thought this was a brilliant point and maybe an answer as to why these shootings occurred. Obviously, the shooters had no concept of internal peace and were out to steal the peace of others. 

Regardless if the gunmen were successful in their demented missions, Peace on Earth still exists. Yes, I believe it exists! Peace may not be the controlling factor on Earth but it is definitely here to stay. So when you go about your daily activity think about ways you can promote peace. Consider other people and how your actions will affect them. Focus more on the positive aspects of life. Enjoy yourself and the ones around you. Be cognizant of your attitude each day and strive to be at peace within yourself. Each of us can promote peace by adopting a peace-making attitude. 

“Peace on Earth begins with peace with yourself and those around you. 
And it begins with your choice to be a peace-maker and not a peace-taker.”

My prayer: 
Let there be peace 
on Earth 
let it begin with me.

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