Saturday, February 25, 2012


Once every month I attend a vegan cooking class at a local church in my area. It’s always interesting to see the dishes being prepared, get some new recipes, and be able to taste the food (that way you will know if you like it or not). Last week they prepared a raw pumpkin pie which tasted great. It used ground nuts & dates for the “crust” and the lady preparing the dish used a butternut squash instead of fresh pumpkin. 
It’s also at that class that I have met a few people who eat mostly raw foods. One lady told me that she eats approximately 75% raw and 25% cooked. She’s prepared a few of her favorite dishes for the class and all have been very tasty. 

Without realizing it I started reading Eat to Live this past week by Joel Furhman. He is a big proponent of eating raw foods. In his book he talks a great deal about the health benefits of raw foods. So now my interest has been piqued and I’ve decided to incorporate as many raw foods into my diet as possible.  
“ One of my secrets to nutritional excellence and superior health is the one pound–one pound rule. That is, try to eat at least one pound of raw vegetables a day and one pound of cooked/steamed or frozen green or non-green nutrient-rich vegetables a day as well. One pound raw and one pound cooked—keep this goal in mind as you design and eat every meal. This may be too ambitious a goal for some of us to reach, but by working toward it, you will ensure the dietary balance and results you want. The more vegetables you eat, the more weight you will lose. The high volume of greens not only will be your secret to a thin waistline but will simultaneously protect you against life-threatening illnesses. Fuhrman, Joel (2011-01-05). Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss -

I am not saying that I will go 100% raw, but I am going to follow Fuhrman’s suggestion of eating one pound raw everyday. This shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment as I already eat a lot of raw foods each day.  
For example here’s what I’ve eaten today:

Steel cut oats (raw)
almond milk
Raisins (raw)
Sunflower seeds (raw)
Banana (raw)
Mexican Coleslaw (raw)
Fat-free Hummus (raw)  correction oops! forgot the garbanzo beans were cooked
Whole Wheat Crackers 
Lentil Tabouli Soup
Red Radish Salad (raw)
Watermelon (raw)

Also Fuhrman says you may find yourself weak while your body goes through the detoxification process. This will pass and so don’t give up. The health benefits you will gain are worth it.
“After moving on to a truly healthful diet, the body’s enhanced self-repair mechanisms bring about symptoms, sometimes even brief low-grade fevers, emotional instability, fatigue, and headaches. Don’t be alarmed if during the first week or two of healthy eating, you feel worse and the desire to use food to curtail discomfort is heightened. This usually passes within the first four days.”
Fuhrman, Joel (2011-01-05). Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss -
What about you? Have you ever considered eating mostly raw foods? 


  1. Just wondering what is raw hummus? Is it made from uncooked beans? Thanks!

  2. Wendy,
    Thanks for asking I totally overlooked the fact that my hummus contained cooked garbanzo beans. Although, I do know that if you sprout the beans you can make it without cooking them first. I have corrected the post. Thanks again for your comment.