Thursday, January 5, 2012

Turn it Off!

There’s a small group of people at my workplace who support each other in prayer. It seems everyday the emails are circulated with prayer requests and the people on the email distribution list are asked to pray for those requests. 
One thing I have noticed in my short time of receiving the emails is how many of the requests are to pray for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. This is very disheartening and it seems that cancer is so widespread and out of control. Everything inside of me wants to rise up and preach to them to stop eating animal protein! 
Just this week there was a prayer request for someone who had a cancerous growth on their hand and when they went in for a follow up visit it was determined that the cancer had moved and was now in their lymph glands.  How horrible! I just want to beg them to listen to me. I would probably appeal to them to, “Save yourself! Stop eating all animal protein products now! You can stop the progression of this terrible disease! Trust me on this!” 
I would also give them all the right books to read and show them the scientific research. Along with the empirical evidence I would show them how to cook great tasting meals and help them to heal themselves. By manipulating their nutrition they would essentially turn cancer “on” and “off”. 
But I am afraid that this approach would not be effective and would be too radical for most people. I will continue to lift them up in prayer, write my blog, and pray this knowledge will eventually reach each of them.

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