Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Intro to Me & NOODM

A simple acronym meaning No Oil Dairy or Meat 

My story has been a long journey over a number of years. Not a quick process! It took a lot of research, self-evaluation, personal goal setting, etc., before I began on such a radical way of NOODM. 
I have always had a deep interest in health, nutrition, and preventative care, but for the longest time I didn’t realize that there really was a way to achieve freedom from physical disease and pain. That’s the path I’m on today--especially since I have recently turned 55. 

By the way, you’re not going to hear me talk about saving the planet or the mistreatment of animals just because I’m vegan. NOODM is all about about taking care of myself. It is a deep commitment to myself to control and treat myself with the highest of regards. My decision is to consider everything that passes into my mouth as either a benefit or a liability--and to consume only what is beneficial. For me NOODM is my assurance of health and longevity.

Many people regard NOODM as radical and unnecessary and that’s their choice. For me a plant-based diet has greatly improved my life and my health. So I can say to everyone that NOODM is not for the faint of heart. NOODM regards nutrition as the main predictor of one’s mortality. 
When you control what you consume you control your health. 

The two are in direct relation to each other. Most people are unaware of this connection and are unaware that their health and well-being is directly related to their food consumption. Little do they realize that the food they are eating is literally killing them. 
For me, NOODM is about living well. 
After having a heart attack in 2005 I had to come to terms with where I was in my life. I set my goals and started the path to achieving them. And if you're curious, I am not a doctor or even a nutritionist. I am just someone who has done (and continues to do) a lot of research on health and nutrition. This blog is about my journey and the conclusions I have drawn in my own life. My main goal is to live a long fun-filled happy life without disease and without pain. I want to help anyone who is interested in improving their health by sharing the information I have found. 

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